We do not just care FOR your loved ones; we care ABOUT them.



  • I have been working with complete care solution for over three years, and it has  been a tremendous experience. Ms Sonia is one of the best employers one could have. She is down to earth, kind, understanding, she encourages her staff to excel to higher levels and most of all, she passionate about her clients. There is always a prompt response from the RNS( Kristine & Kevin) regarding any medical concerns for the clients.

  • My family and I absolutely recommend Complete Care Solutions for their outstanding service. Our standards are VERY high. They honored the dignity and extensive round-the-clock care needs of our terminally ill relative. She adored her CNAs. They went the extra mile with household tasks whole she slept to keep her surroundings tidy, organized and refreshed. We will not hesitate t retain this firm if needed in the future. We're grateful to the pastor who recommended them.

  • I've worked with Kristene for a little over 4 years, and I am happy to say that I have stood side by side with someone who truly understands what healthcare entails. She is very thorough, kind, and hardworking. She is very compassionate and caring to her patients. She would go above and beyond to help her clients in need. If it takes a village to move mountains, all it takes is her devotion to an endeavor.

  • Amazing Experience with this caring team!! A first class feeling all the way!

  • I am deeply impressed with the care provided by Complete Care Solutions aides and by the way the agency goes above and beyond to please us. Recently I was reluctant to have a new aide join the team because I did not wish to train a new live- in person. I was shocked when the administrator of the agency said to me, “Don’t you worry. I will send one of the aides who is familiar with the case to spend overnight with the new aide at no cost to you.” Sure enough she sent one of my favorite aides. CCS “Created in my Image” program brings peace of mind to me and I am sure to many others. CCS is simply the BEST.”

  • It was difficult for me to find a job after I graduated from CNA school. CCS took a chance with me. On my first assignment, a member of CCS management team spent over one hour with me on the job. For the first week she spent at least one hour every day, at different times of the day. She even taught me how to cook for the client. I don’t think the client liked me initially, but after CCS was through training me in their “Created in my Image” Program, the client didn’t want anyone but me to care for him. CCS administrator told me that I did not have the experience but that I had the personality and that’s why she hired me. Thank you, CCS. You taught me everything that I know about patient care. God bless.

  • Kristene is an excellent and knowledgeable nurse who really cares about patients.

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